This is a Z-Wave Device for Europe. To run this device please connect it to your mains power supply.

Important safety information

Please read this manual carefully. Failure to follow the recommendations in this manual may be dangerous or may violate the law. The manufacturer, importer, distributor and seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from failure to comply with the instructions in this manual or any other material. Use this equipment only for its intended purpose. Follow the disposal instructions. Do not dispose of electronic equipment or batteries in a fire or near open heat sources.

What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is the international wireless protocol for communication in the Smart Home. This device is suited for use in the region mentioned in the Quickstart section.

Z-Wave ensures a reliable communication by reconfirming every message (two-way communication) and every mains powered node can act as a repeater for other nodes (meshed network) in case the receiver is not in direct wireless range of the transmitter.

This device and every other certified Z-Wave device can be used together with any other certified Z-Wave device regardless of brand and origin as long as both are suited for the same frequency range.

If a device supports secure communication it will communicate with other devices secure as long as this device provides the same or a higher level of security. Otherwise it will automatically turn into a lower level of security to maintain backward compatibility.

For more information about Z-Wave technology, devices, white papers etc. please refer to www.z-wave.info.

Product Description

POPP Home - Z-Wave gateway and camera in one device! The unique all in one gateway for your safe Smart Home.

Easy installation and control via App

The POPP Home is a Camera as well as a controller. Thanks to the step by step description in the app the installation and configuration of the POPP Home is dead easy. Furthermore the application simplifies the process for the inclusion of a Z-Wave device by describing the process of any Z-Wave device step by step. 

 Z-Wave Gateway

Thanks to the wireless technology of Z-Wave Plus the POPP Home is compatible to any Z-Wave Smart Home appliances. With this controller, you can control/monitor different Z-Wave devices in your house through your iPhone/iPad and Android mobiles/tablets. The app, which is free of charge, is able to control 60 different devices and is characterized by an easy usability. Scenes can be created intuitively and all sensor values are readable in real time. All scenes, configurations and the control of the network runs on the POPP Home. So even if the connection to the internet is interrupted your security applications stay active.  By its compatibility to Google Home and amazon alexa you can even control your devices with voice control.

Full HD IP-Camera

The camera is usable at day and night and is equipped with an Infrared filter. This filter will sense the luminosity of the room and will switch the filter to either day or night mode. A micro SD card (up to 256 GB; not contained) allows the recording of the videos to playback this on your iPhone/iPad and Android devices. If you want to store larger amounts of data, simply use your Dropbox account or any NAS system. Furthermore the POPP Home contains a built-in speaker that you can talk to or warn the persons which are near to the controller or you can monitor the synchronized video/audio. 

Enrich yourself and your Smart Home with the POPP Home.



Prepare for Installation / Reset

Please read the user manual before installing the product.

In order to include (add) a Z-Wave device to a network it must be in factory default state. Please make sure to reset the device into factory default. You can do this by performing an Exclusion operation as described below in the manual. Every Z-Wave controller is able to perform this operation however it is recommended to use the primary controller of the previous network to make sure the very device is excluded properly from this network.

Safety Warning for Mains Powered Devices

ATTENTION: only authorized technicians under consideration of the country-specific installation guidelines/norms may do works with mains power. Prior to the assembly of the product, the voltage network has to be switched off and ensured against re-switching.


On factory default the device does not belong to any Z-Wave network. The device needs to be added to an existing wireless network to communicate with the devices of this network. This process is called Inclusion.

Devices can also be removed from a network. This process is called Exclusion. Both processes are initiated by the primary controller of the Z-Wave network. This controller is turned into exclusion respective inclusion mode. Inclusion and Exclusion is then performed doing a special manual action right on the device.

Quick trouble shooting

Here are a few hints for network installation if things dont work as expected.

  1. Make sure a device is in factory reset state before including. In doubt exclude before include.
  2. If inclusion still fails, check if both devices use the same frequency.
  3. Remove all dead devices from associations. Otherwise you will see severe delays.
  4. Never use sleeping battery devices without a central controller.
  5. Dont poll FLIRS devices.
  6. Make sure to have enough mains powered device to benefit from the meshing

Technical Data

Dimensions 0.0570000x0.1160000x0.0570000 mm
Weight 125 gr
EAN 4251295700953
Frequency Europe - 868,4 Mhz
Maximum transmission power 5 mW

Explanation of Z-Wave specific terms